Round-up of the week: Hazy, Fanatic Frank, Allie Jason and Twist Helix

In this weeks round up, we have yet another group of fantastic artists. From hip-hop, RnB, hard-rock, alt-rock, indie-pop and synth-pop. Featuring on this weeks is artists Hazy and Allie Jason. As well as bands such as Fanatic Frank and Twist Helix.

You can find my Spotify playlist below and if you want to be featured in any of these weekly round-ups. Make sure to head on over to Musosoup to submit your tracks!

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Hazy- Thousand Suns (Single)

Hazy is based on an artist known as Fritz Hazy, his sound infuses many different elements. He’s released his new single ‘Thousand Suns‘ which combines the sounds of alternative-pop, RnB and hip-hop, sharing a rather similar sound to artists such as Lil Peep. With the upbeat and punchy melodies that push through, combining that with the soothing gravelly textured vocals.

Pushing through with the hard-hitting lyrical approach as it irrupts into this insane chorus. Combing each element together and truly letting just how talented Hazy is shine through. This track is definitely one of them you’re hooked into instantly, whether it’s from the overall mellow vocals or the fast-pace instrumental that goes with it. It’s a fantastic track and I can’t wait to see what Hazy gets up to next!

Check out Hazy on Instagram, make sure to stream ‘Thousand Suns’ over on Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud.

Fantatic Frank- You (Single)

Fanatic Frank is a four-piece hard-rock outfit from Stockholm, they have this rather infectious sound. Combining their distinctive hard-rock sound with alternative-rock and punk-rock. They’ve released their single ‘You’ which is a track of their recent album ‘Smudge’. From the raucous vocals to the thrilling instrumentals, as soon as it gets going the volume is amped up and they come crashing through.

The band consists of childhood friends, who’s journey as Fanatic Frank started in 2016. You have Carl Hast who does vocals and rhythm guitar, Rudolph Kraft Fermin on bass guitar, Jonathan Botvalde on lead guitar and Kéziah Ferreira on drums. With the electrifying guitar riffs, to the thunderous drum beats that combine with the eerie rough vocal elements. A fantastic piece by Fanatic Frank, excited to see what they do next!

Check out Fanatic Frank on Facebook and Instagram, make sure to stream ‘You’ over on Spotify.

Allie Jason- Beautifully Chaotic (Single)

Allie Jason is a singer-songwriter as well as a performer and producer. Combining a variety of styles of sound from electronic-pop and indie-pop. Allie has released her latest single ‘Beautiful Chaotic’, creating this really uplifting and fun to listen too piece of music, that has this rather catchy essence to it. The melody that collides with the vocals is fairly slow-pace, adding in them occasional upbeat rhythm that pushes through.

The vocal elements are stunning, keeping that fairly low but then not being afraid to expand her vocals into a more airy high-pitched tone. Which she does fantastically, each element that is placed throughout intertwines superbly together and it all flows so well. Such a mixture of different styles of sound through this but they all work perfectly together and that’s what makes this track such a stand out one.

Check out Allie Jason on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to stream ‘Beautifully Chaotic’ over on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube.

Twist Helix- Vultures (Single)

Twist Helix are a synth-pop trio from Newcastle, with their enticing sound. They’ve released their single ‘Vultures’ which is from their forthcoming collection ‘Machinery’ dropping November 2020. With this piece comes synthesised high energy instrumentation to the mesmerising vocals that collide. It’s safe to say that Twist Helix themselves can definitely create a killer track and this one proves that.

As the chorus ignites, you’re greeted with these upbeat melodies and hard-hitting drum beats that gradually get louder and build up the suspense. As these high-pitched aggressive vocals come through, amping that volume up and bring in that more alt rock pop style of sound. There is such a variety of sounds being injected into this piece, that you truly never know what to expect but that’s the best way. I love this piece a lot, it’s pretty insane.

Check out Twist Helix on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Make sure to stream ‘Vultures’ over on Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and YouTube.

All these bands and artists were discovered via MusoSoup which is a music promotion company. If you’d like the chance to be on the next ‘Round-up’ then be sure to submit your music.

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